Great Reasons To Visit Sardinia


Although Sicily is probably the most popular off-shore Italian destination, there is a place that you may know less about that is just as exciting and interesting to visit – Sardinia.  If you are curious about it but want to know, look no further than the following article for some of the best reasons you should visit Sardinia.

Look At The 8,000 Nuraghi

The Nuraghi are mysterious large stones that resemble beehives and are only found in Sardinia.  Very little is known of their origin or what they were used for; however, many experts think they were either used by the military or religious groups.  The most well-known Nuraghi are found at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nuraxi su Barumini.

Take Snaps Of The Wildlife

Like other islands throughout the world, Sardinia is home to a wide array of different wildlife.  The great thing is that a lot of these are not particularly poisonous or dangerous, so you can check them out with little to no worry.  Notably, the fin whale is easily spotted for photograph opportunities near the shores of the island.

Chill Out On The Beautiful Beaches

Some of the world’s most beautiful and idyllic beaches are found on Sardinia.  So it is a good idea to include visiting these on your list of things to do when visiting the island.  There are even boutique hotels located on or close to the beaches that can make your holiday even more luxurious.

Observe Evidence Of Ancient Rome

If you are a fan of ancient history, and want to learn about Ancient Rome you can do this on Sardinia.  By visiting Nora or Tharros you can see evidence of what life was like for people living 2000 years including traditional thermal baths, ruins and winding streets.

Taste The Local Cuisine

One of the best things about visiting any part of Italy though, is the food and drink.  You maybe aware of and even tried your fair share of the local meats, pasta and pizza; Sardinian food is particularly known for its strong and deep flavours.

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