Interesting Things To See And Do In Majorca


Although most people who travel to Majorca do so for the sun, sea and easy life by the beach or pool; there is actually a lot more that this great island has to offer.  If you are heading to this stunning island, and don’t want to lie around every day you are there, check out some of the following things you can see and do while there.

Placa Major

Located in the heart of Palma, Placa Major is a lively square where you can take a wander through for a little spend at the local shops or spend the afternoon or evening enjoying a nice meal.

Tren De Soller

If you are a fan of trains and railwaysou will love the Tren de Soller which takes you from just outside Palma to Soller where you will find a collection of beautiful botanical gardens.

Play A Round Or Two

Golfing is perhaps one of the best hidden gems on Majorca, especially if you are a fan of the sport.  There are 18 courses, all of which offer glorious backdrops of the greenery and the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean.


As you probably know, to snorkel effectively you need warm and crystal clear waters.  This is why so many people choose to hire a boat and snorkel in the waters off the coast of Majorca

Learn About The Banyans Arabs

As well as the stunning sea, sand, scenery and sun; Majorca is also a very historical island and one great way to learn more about it’s varied heritage is by visiting Banyans Arabs, which are Roman baths built in the 10th Century, when the Moors had made taken over the area.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of everything Majorca has to offer, but hopefully it does show that this gorgeous Spanish island has more than just sun, sea and bad sangria.

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