Proof There’s More To Sweden Than Furniture And Meatballs


Although the success of IKEA and ABBA on a global scale may suggest otherwise, there is more to Sweden than just self-assembly furniture and cheesy pop music.  Delve just a bit below the surface of what you know and you will find a far more interesting country than you realised and one you should definitely consider visiting.


Stockholm is probably the first city that comes to mind when you think of Sweden.  However, if you are looking for a trip into some of the darker periods of recent history, you should include a make plans to go to Gothenburg when visiting Sweden.  Below the metropolitan area there is an incredibly large Cold War bunker which has been transformed into an Aeroseum.  While here you can take a look at, and in some cases sit in, some Scandinavian and USSR fighter jets and other forms of aircraft.

Travel By Sled Dog

As you probably know, Sweden can offer you a lot of snowfall, which presents you with a variety of ice and snow based activities to take part in.  One of the more interesting and unusual of these, particularly if you don’t fancy snowboarding or skiing is a sled dog tour.  Head over to the small town of Kiruna for a chance to see Sweden from a very different perspective.

Kreativum Science Centre

If you have a keen interest in science, interactive exhibitions or are travelling with children and want to do something that will keep their brains and bodies active – take time out to check out the Kreativum Science Centre located in the city of Karlshamm.  There are various ‘discovery zones’ that feature in excess of 100 unique, engaging and very interesting experiments.

Museum Of Sketches

All budding artists and art lovers should head to Lund though, for a very different type of gallery.  Rather than showcases just the finished works of some of the best artists of modern Sweden; this museum displays, as its’ name suggests, various sketches, cartoons and contest entries along with original pieces.  This helps you to have a glimpse at the process artistic minds go through to develop their work.

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