Things To Do In Amsterdam As A Couple


If you are planning a trip to Europe for you and your partner, Holland and Amsterdam in particular, is somewhere you should consider visiting.  Along with the friendly locals and stunning architecture; the climate there is very similar to the UK’s.  As I have visited the very popular city over 12 times, I feel I can share some of the best things to do there to get the most out of your trip.

Van Gough Museum

Are you a fan of art?  If so, you will probably find the large museum/gallery located in Amsterdam dedicated to Vincent Van Gough’s infamous and prolific career.  The best thing is, it does not cost very much per person to enter, which is great considering you can take a good 3 hours to walk round and see everything the place has to offer.

Amsterdam Dungeon

If you have ever visited the dungeon in either London or Edinburgh, you will know that these kinds of places are great in a very gory and grotesque way.  Various European countries however, used dungeon torture more than Britain and therefore if you are looking for a truly frightening and graphic insight into this practice, check out the Amsterdam Dungeon.


Amsterdam is full of very beautiful open spaces to stroll through, but none compare to the truly sublime Amstelpark.  Although this piece of green land is only about half a mile in length, it is home to a large number of exotic birds that have made it their place of residency since they were first introduced in the later half of the 1800s.  What could be better for a truly romantic experience as a couple, young or old, than walking on a bright, clear day through the green park with the calls of exotic birds as background noise?

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