Rent a Villa in a Dreamy Mexican Paradise


Choosing a destination for a holiday is not the easiest of decisions, as we are fortunate to live in an age where cheap air travel takes us quickly to some of the most amazing locations on Earth. Whether you are looking for a beach holiday or one with more of a sense of adventure, you can find somewhere that will fit your bill, and once you have settled on a destination the most difficult choice is that of accommodation.

A traditional hotel is a great idea, and perfect for a romantic break, but there is a better way of enjoying a holiday for two or one for a family, and that is renting a villa. This option may sound expensive, but as you will see, it’s actually an economical way of getting luxurious and perfectly located accommodation in some of the greatest holiday resorts in the world.

If you are looking for a tranquil and beautiful place with plenty of attractions and a combination of relaxation and excitement, you could try Puerto Vallarta, a wonderful Mexican resort with much to offer. That’s why we recommend you check out Puerto Vallarta Villas as the ideal choice of accommodation.

The Delights of Puerto Vallarta

There are few places to go that offer you the combination of beautiful beaches, wonderful friendly people and stunning accommodation as Puerto Vallarta, a popular and very impressive resort on the Bahia de Banderas, a glorious bay with clear blue waters lapping at the shores of stunning soft sand beaches. There is more to Puerto Vallarta than simply beaches, however, as this is a town with much in the way of cultural history, and offers a lovely slice of relaxed life that is a world away from home.

Mexico is a wonderful country in itself, but this part of the Pacific Coast is particularly attractive. With palm trees lining the beaches and a stunning climate, you have the perfect place to relax in the shade with a drink, or you could take a swim in the wonderful waters of the bay, or dive and explore the stunning underwater mountains and glorious wildlife that lives within.

Watersports abound here, so if you are into surfing Puerto Vallarta is the place for you. There are also charter boats to take you sport fishing in the clear blue waters, which is a great way of relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. The resort lies at the foot of the nearby mountain range, so you have a backdrop that is simply unmissable and quite breathtakingly spectacular. There really is something to keep all the family happy here, so it’s a place where you can enjoy some quality time and get away from the rigours of home.

Choosing a Villa

The amazing variety of Puerto Vallarta villas means that there will be one that suits both your budget and your needs, and you will find they come with superb facilities and at surprisingly affordable rates. Villas also have the advantage of occupying the very best locations in the town, usually within a few minutes’ walk of the beach and within easy reach of the main attractions, and they give you an opportunity to enjoy privacy that you would not experience in a comparable hotel.

You can find smaller villas that are perfect for a romantic break, and also those that can sleep enough people to cater for two families holidaying together, so you can plan your villa holiday in Mexico safe in the knowledge that you will have a true home from home available for your stay. All villas are beautifully finished and come with excellent outdoor areas, so you can enjoy the glorious Mexican weather to the full.

Casa Paraiso is a beautiful hacienda style villa with amazing views of the town and the bay, and sleeps up to eight. It comes with stunning features such as a heated pool, luxurious furnishings, outdoor dining areas and wonderful landscaped gardens, and is a perfect choice for families looking to spend some time together in these glorious surroundings. You also get the benefit of housekeeping on a daily basis, and can take advantage of two meals a day cooked for you if you wish. It’s typical of the amazing hospitality offered in the town, and it really is a world away from your usual daily experience.

Why Puerto Vallarta

This is a town of many faces, and the Old Town section has to be seen for its quaint shops, friendly and lively cafes, and a selection of wonderful old streets to explore and enjoy. The town is one of contrasts: you can relax in perfect tranquillity by day on the beach or in the garden of your villa – or perhaps take a swim in the pool and have a drink – and at night you can enjoy a lively nightlife, with many superb and friendly bars and lively, bustling nightclubs to experience. Puerto Vallarta is also home to a number of highly regarded restaurants, serving both local and international cuisine, and all are within easy reach of the many villas you can choose as your accommodation.

There is plenty to recommend this quite beautiful and spectacular place, and we recommend you take a walk along El Malecon, the highly regarded beachfront promenade complete with wonderful sculptures and some of the best restaurants and clubs in the town. Whether you are visiting as a couple or a family, you will find this welcoming and friendly Mexican resort to be utterly enchanting, and no doubt you will want to return to explore the parts you didn’t get to first time around.

Renting a villa in Puerto Vallarta gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, with none of the restrictions you will find when you stay in a hotel. You also get the benefit of truly luxurious surroundings in the very best locations, and you will find this option is surprisingly cost-effective. Check out Puerto Vallarta villas now for all the information you need, and book a glorious holiday in one of the most magnificent resorts in the world.

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