How To Protect Your Phone From Public Wi-fi

While public Wi-Fi seems like a blessing, the convenience comes with some major risks- which leaves you with some major responsibilities. Here is a bit more on the ways public Wi-Fi can be dangerous to your phone, and what you can do to keep your information safe.

The Wi-Fi Threat: Because most public Wi-Fi is unsecured, anyone who can access the network can access the information on that network. This means that a hacker can view your emails, online transactions, and even gain access to your phone through an unsecured connection. Once your phone is hacked, thieves can use the link to steal your passwords, financial information, and to some extent even your identity.  

The Antivirus Benefits: Because of the recent increase in phone hacking, both Apple and Android have developed dedicated antivirus applications to keep your mobile device secure. An antivirus app can “secure” public Wi-Fi by encrypting your information- thus making it more difficult for hackers to gain access. The antivirus will also block unauthorized access to your phone and protect you from malware apps that are trying to siphon information.

 Downloading Your Antivirus: If you have an iPhone, the antivirus can be downloaded through the apple store while the antivirus for android mobile phones can be downloaded on Google Play. In some cases, you may even be able to download the app free of charge. Before you download, make sure that the app has been tested and has good ratings.

Once you obtain your iPhone or droid antivirus app you can enable other cool features like phone tracking, password protection, and even the camera trap- which can help you bust phone thieves, or snooping friends. Obtaining the right app can take a bit of research, but with a good antivirus, you can browse easier, even on public Wi-Fi.

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