American Car Trip Adventures


Road tripping is about as American as apple pie and baseball. There are more than 46,000 miles of interstate in the country providing access to some of the farthest reaches and remotes parts of the U.S. So back up the car and hit the open road for the adventure of a lifetime on one of these popular routes. But, before you leave, be sure to have your car checked out for safety and to ensure its in optimal road trip condition. You can find suggested maintenance lists and checks at to be sure you’re as well prepared as possible.

Head to the West Coast and take in the splendor of the famous Pacific Coast Highway. This route features white-knuckle roadways that hang on the edges of cliffs overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. The route can be taken in small chunks along the coast. Or, travelers can endeavor to start in southern California and wind their way north all the way to Washington State. The scenery is equally breathtaking from the bottom of the route, all the way to the top.

The American southwest is another famous road trip destination. Point your steering wheel in the direction of Route 66, sometimes called the “Main Street of America.” This route isn’t an interstate but was one of the very first roadways built in the country. It passes through more than 2,000 miles of the country starting in Santa Monica, Calif. And ending up in Chicago, Illinois.

The Old King’s Highway delivers road weary travelers to the playground of politicians and wealthy New Englanders for generations on Cape Cod. On the way, you’ll meander through tiny seaside fishing villages, eat a lobster or two and view some of the most famous lighthouses in the country. The route isn’t terribly long so there is plenty of time to stop and explore each community.

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